VSL:WEB // ‘Jurassic Park’ meets ‘BattleBots’

Watch any good movies on VHS lately? How about Beta? No? Maybe it’s because technology also evolves according to the laws of natural selection. Now a German electronics retailer called Saturn is turning that struggle into an epic and imaginative ad about electronic survival.

Armored fish are plucked from the sea by clanking metal pterodactyls, which are then eaten by a smoke-belching T. Rex, which is done in by souped-up saber-toothed cats. And so it goes, all the way up to the technology of tomorrow. (Hint: We’ll all be getting supersexy, German-speaking robots.) The ad closes with Saturn’s pledge to save you money: WIR HASSEN TEUER! (“We hate expensive!”). Happily, the motto doesn’t seem to apply to the retailer’s advertising budget.

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