Hot Tickets: Blonde Readhead, Crystal Castles, Monk Music at Lincoln Center

New Year’s Eve always seems to disappoint. Plans get left to the last minute, friends don’t show up, bars get too crowded, you don’t order those tequila shots in time for the ubiquitous midnight toast. And then it’s morning and you’ve got another 365 days to look forward to.

Well, not this year. In the interest of planning early—of not procrastinating—we’ve got a handful of New Year’s Eve shows for you, all courtesy of Bowery Presents. You already know about My Morning Jacket and we’ve already told you about Patti Smith, so here’s Blonde Redhead, Crystal Castles, and A Place to Bury Strangers.

Kazu Makino and identical twins Simone and Amedeo Pace are strikingly beautiful physical specimens—the prom king[s] and queen of indie rock. Which is, of course, to take nothing away from Blonde Redhead’s music. Despite its obvious shoegaze pedigree, 23’s viscous pop still resonates, still haunts, long after its release more than 19 months ago. The trio’s New Year’s Eve festivities go down at Terminal 5. [Tickets on sale: Friday, November 21 at noon]

Crystal Castles and A Place to Bury Strangers have been laboring to clear away the smoke from a 10-ton hype explosion ever since the release of their debut records (Castles this March, Strangers last August). Fortunately, both seem poised to reemerge relatively unscathed, thanks largely to the quality of their shtick. These guys may be one-trick ponies, but they’ve got great tricks. The controversial Castles have their surprisingly danceable video-game-synth punk—and in singer Alice Glass, a certified fuck-off rock star; the Strangers have their napalm-death shoegaze, courtesy of frontman Oliver Ackermann’s army of guitar pedals, many of which the guy built himself. After a sold-out gig at Webster Hall, Toronto’s Castles head to the more intimate Music Hall of Williamsburg, while the Strangers return to the Mercury Lounge for their New Year’s Eve celebration. [Crystal Castles tickets go on sale Friday, November 21 at noon; A Place to Bury Strangers tickets on sale now]

If New Year’s is still too far away to think about (and really, we understand), we’ve got a couple suggestions for this weekend. If you didn’t catch Brooklyn’s Crystal Stilts (not at all related to the Castles) during CMJ week last month, tomorrow night would definitely be the time to do so. The quartet’s gauzy post-punk comes to Less Artists, More Condos—a new DIY venue featuring “photography, performance art, film making, music, avant guard sex, and whatever else you can think of…”—for a show celebrating the release of their debut, Alight of Night. And no, you don’t have to go to Bushwick. This loft space is in the West Village right by the West 4th subway stop. [Tickets available at the door]

And finally, if you’re looking for something a little more familiar (and again, we understand), you can catch a rare orchestral performance of Thelonius Monk’s music at Lincoln Center’s Rose Theater. The Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night events feature Wynton Marsalis and pianist Marcus Roberts. [Tickets on sale now] Hot Tickets: Blonde Readhead, Crystal Castles, Monk Music at Lincoln Center