How I Met Your Mother Takes Us Back to Web 1.0

We were sad to hear that vile MTV couple Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag will be ruining one of our favorite shows by making an appearance on How I Met Your Mother in January. But, while doing some research, we came across a website that cheered us up.

On last night’s episode of How I Met Your Mother, Barney worried that he accidentally made one of his recent hook-ups into a mom. Barney, our favorite bro played with brilliance by Neil Patrick Harris, learns that he won’t be a father, leading him to declare to his friend, Marshall, played by Jason Segel, "This is the happiest moment of my life, Marshall! The way I feel about not having kids, I never knew I could love something this much."

Inspired, he creates a new holiday: Not a Father’s Day. According to his reasoning, "Why can’t there be a day for people who are single and like it that way?" (Hey, Festivus started out as a joke once, too.) Barney then went on to plug

Behold, for all your Not a Father’s Day needs, an actual Not Father’s Day Web site (courtesy of the Fox Shop). The site has a simple, web 1.0 kind of design, lacking silly social networking, widgets, or links to a Flickr pages. This is all about simple service; A bro’s bro site that calls to mind the very Web 1.0 concept of TV-Web convergence, which brought the world various Simpson-themed sites like Mr. X’s Webpage, which was first mentioned on-air in an episode called "The Computer Wore Menace Shoes."

On, you can send out a Not a Father’s Day postcard or buy a Not a Father’s Day mug for that special not-a-father in your life. There’s also a list of possible "Not Fathers" including George Clooney, Dr. Seuss, and George Washington.

That last one comes with an asterisk clarifying, "although he was the father of our country." How I Met Your Mother Takes Us Back to Web 1.0