In Age Of Obama, Chuck Schumer Is Sudden Big Shot

“Before I took over, there was sort of an unwritten rule—do you mind if I put my feet up?” said Chuck Schumer, as he plopped his black stockinged feet onto a conference room in his Third Avenue office on the afternoon of Nov. 9.

As he chewed his way through a bag of oatmeal cookies, the senator explained how, as chair of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, he bucked tradition and recruited promising Senate candidates before primary contests, leading to a pick-up (so far) of six seats to add to the six the party picked up during his first cycle in charge two years ago.

The senior senator from New York is in a position to make himself very comfortable indeed.

In a broad-ranging 45-minute interview, Mr. Schumer discussed Barack Obama’s impact on the Senate races and the challenges and opportunities facing Democrats over the next four years. He expressed concern about the conservative Supreme Court, and weighed in on the futures of Hillary Clinton and John McCain in the Senate, and his hopes to turn bright-red Texas blue by 2010. He acknowledged the personal influence that comes with helping to bring so many new senators into the chamber, but refused to speculate about ever taking over as majority leader for Harry Reid, who he vows to help reelect.

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In Age Of Obama, Chuck Schumer Is Sudden Big Shot