Is this the kickoff of Donovan for Lt. Governor?

With state agencies ready to cut back and homeowners potentially not getting rebate checks next year, Bergen County Clerk Kathe Donovan thinks it’s about time the state forces its two professional football teams to make some sacrifices.

But does she also think it’s about time to kick off a statewide campaign?

Donovan sent a letter to Gov. Jon Corzine asking him to consider forcing the New York Giants and Jets, who both play in Bergen County and receive millions in economic incentives from the state, to share part of their $800 million in windfall profits from the sale of Personal Seat Licenses.

“’Everything on the table’ means that Trenton’s commitment to return homestead rebates to hard pressed property tax payers may be broken. Aid for schools in suburban, rural and urban districts may be cut and state colleges will be forced to raise tuition costs to make up for reduced state aid,” wrote Donovan. “Hospitals here in Bergen County and elsewhere that rely on Medicaid and Charity Care payments will almost certainly see a significant reduction in state aid which could force a cutback in services. And this comes at a time when workers are being forced to switch from high paying to lower paying jobs without health care benefits which will add significantly to the Charity Care burden borne by hospitals at a time when Charity Care payments could be reduced.”

When showed the letter by, Monmouth University professor/pollster Patrick Murray said the above paragraph is “practically a list of platform positions.”

“I know the stadium is in her own county, but much of it reads like an election manifesto,” he said.

Donovan’s name is often mentioned as a potential Lieutenant Govenor candidate on a Republican ticket.

“Forget Lieutenant Governor. Maybe Governor is on her radar screen,” said Murray. “It’s an interesting statement because there are many other things that I think a county clerk would be asking for a governor to take a look at which would be in her job description of making sure the elections run on time, and not dealing with seat licenses and transportation improvements.”

Donovan could not immediately be reached for comment.

Is this the kickoff of Donovan for Lt. Governor?