James Franco Says He Was a Pretty Good Boyfriend

Last night, at a screening of Milk and Q&A with stars James Franco, Emile Hirsch, Josh Brolin and Alison Pill; director Gus Van Sant; and screenwriter Dustin Lance Black, everyone was pretty giggly.

Mr. Franco said that he had watched Gay Sex in the 70s (the documentary) to prepare for his role as Scott, Harvey Milk‘s boyfriend. Mr. Brolin joked that he’d been thinking he was to play Milk and so "being a straight guy, I had tons of sex. Lots of orgies."

Mr. Hirsch (sitting next to Mr. Brolin) interrupted him. "Our research was actually coordinated, right?"

Mr. Brolin looked at Mr. Hirsch quickly. He seemed confused and continued: "So I think that’s where the sensitivity to my role came from."

The Q&A continued with smatterings of awkward moments from the moderator; at one point he mentioned Mr. Brolin’s character’s "70’s porn-star hair" in relationship to Mr. Hirsch’s "gay fro". Also questioned was Mr. Franco’s capacity as a mate. Toward the end of the evening the moderator noted excitedly: "You’re obviously going to be on everyone’s No. 1 favorite boyfriend list after this."

Mr. Franco took the mic from his lap lazily. "Yeah. I was a pretty good boyfriend."

James Franco Says He Was a Pretty Good Boyfriend