Kanye Goes After Paparazzi With ALL CAPS

Time to check back in with Kanye West and 50 Cent, hip-hop’s favorite rivals. It seems Kanye got into another scrap with a paparazzo outside a club in England early Friday morning (the first since his tussle with a cameraman in LA back in September). According to TMZ.com (via MTV.com), Kanye was leaving Newcastle’s Tup Tup club with four girls when a photographer got in his face. A minor fracas allegedly ensued, leaving the pap with a scraped nose and some bruised feelings. So many, in fact, that he had Kanye arrested later that night, though the charges were later dropped.

Never one to miss a good opportunity to rant (particularly when it’s warranted), Kanye had a few things to say about the incident on his blog, namely that there should be laws protecting celebrities like himself from ravenous photogs. “LET US NOT FORGET THE PAPS KILLED PRINCESS DIANA,” Kanye writes (caps most definitely his). “WHEN WILL THERE BE A LAW PASSED THAT SIMPLY ENFORCES THAT SOMEONE HAS TO ASK TO TAKE A PHOTOGRAPH OF YOU. THAT WOULD SEEM LIKE COMMON COURTESY. RIGHT NOW THE PAPS ARE ABOVE THE LAW AND THE PEOPLE THEY SHOOT ARE BELOW IT.”

In other, less hysterical news. Kanye’s 808s & Heartbreak is about to hit stores on November 24, and Pitchfork has the track list. As you’ll noticed, only two guest-stars—Lil Wayne and Young Jeezy—show up this time around. The rest is all auto-tune, baby.

Those of you hoping for a rematch of Kanye’s Graduation vs. 50 Cent’s Curtis this fall will be sorely disappointed. News comes from MTV.com that 50’s Before I Self-Destruct has been pushed back to an early ’09 release date, though Interscope Records wouldn’t confirm an exact date. Of course, 50 still has some words for Kanye and his latest musical endeavor. Speaking to MTV backstage at Total Request Live’s final show last night, 50 said, “I heard, like, seven songs. There’s a place for it. I think people will enjoy it if you’re actually in love or going through something. I think Kanye’s going through an interesting point in his career.” If it wasn’t clear that “interesting” translates to “lame” in this instance, 50 was happy to clarify. “I don’t think the public will forgive [Kanye] for it, but it’s interesting. I think it’s T-Pain’s record,” 50 said, referring to Kanye’s collaborator. “But I’d rather buy it from T-Pain." Sigh. Kanye Goes After Paparazzi With ALL CAPS