Lance: the proof is on the ballot

KENILWORTH – Yesterday, Democratic State Chairman Joe Cryan challenged a room full of Linda Stender supporters to name a legislative accomplishment by Leonard Lance, and called the state Senator “as partisan as they come. Independent my ass!”

Responding to Cryan before his own, more low key rally tonight, Lance named a recent legislative accomplishment he said was also bipartisan: putting the “Lance Amendment” on Tuesday’s ballot.

“It couldn’t have gotten through the legislature without Democratic support,” he said. “It has been endorsed by Governor Corzine, and it’s one of my proudest accomplishments in the legislature. Number one it’s an accomplishment, and number two it’s a bipartisan accomplishment.”

The amendment, put simply, bans state borrowing without voter approval — an echo of Lance’s 1990s crusade against former Republican Gov. Christie Whitman’s pension bonding.

Off the top of his head, Lance offered a couple other examples of accomplishments he’s particularly proud of.

“I’m the person responsible for the funding of domestic violence shelters in New Jersey, and I’ve been heavily involved in the budget process for more than a decade,” he said.



Lance: the proof is on the ballot