Lappin ‘Considering’ a Public Advocate Bid

To the list of serious candidates for public advocate next year, add, maybe, City Councilwoman Jessica Lappin.

"I am very seriously considering a run for Public Advocate next year," Lappin told me via text message moments ago.

More than one reader told me recently of having been contacted by Lappin recently to gauge support for a prospective run. 

Lappin, a freshman Democrat on the East Side of Manhattan, would be the only woman in the race, which currently looks to include her Council colleagues Eric Gioia, Bill de Blasio and John Liu, as well as civil liberties attorney Norman Siegel and Assemblyman Adam Clayton Powell.

As one of the readers pointed out, Lappin could benefit from the fact that, unlike the other candidates in the race, she’s on fairly good terms with the mayor. Although she voted against the term-limits extension (like the other candidates), she wasn’t vocally opposed to it and refrained entirely from public mayor-bashing. And her business-minded, East Side constituents who are likely to support Bloomberg don’t have a natural favorite candidate in the Public Advocate’s race, unless Lappin enters. (Of course, this theory is predicated on the notion that the mayor will still be a popular figure by the time next year’s primary happens.)

The current public advocate, Betsy Gotbaum, is not seeking re-election due, she said, to an objection to the way term limits were extended.

Lappin ‘Considering’ a Public Advocate Bid