Leiter ‘almost certain’ he’s not going to run against Adler in 2010

Former baseball star Al Leiter said today that he will not likely run against Congressman-elect John Adler in 2010.

“I definitely have been curious enough to still be around the political scene… and my interest is there, while it’s stronger sometimes and weaker than others. So that’s why I don’t ever dismiss the idea of running someday. But I know I’m not ready now, and I’m almost certain that in 2010 I won’t be ready,” he said.

Some Republicans courted Leiter, a Toms River native who currently lives in Florida and works as a sports commentator, to run for in the 3rd Congressional District last year. But Leiter said at the time that he’d rather get some local experience as an elected official, either in New Jersey or Florida, before running for federal office.

After Adler beat Republican Medford Mayor Chris Myers last week, Leiter’s name immediately resurfaced as a potential candidate for next time around.

During the run-up to the general election, Leiter helped out by attending a fundraiser for Myers. He’s still in touch with Ocean County Republican Chairman George Gilmore, he said.

“Now that Obama’s in there, I hope he does a great job, and I also hope they’ll still be a voice for the millions of people who voted for McCain,” he said, adding that he was happy that Democrats don’t appear to have gotten the filibuster-proof 60-40 margin in the U.S. Senate.

Leiter ‘almost certain’ he’s not going to run against Adler in 2010