Lots of Young Democrats in Manhattan

New York will host the Young Democrats of America’s winter meeting taking place this February, the first meeting the group is hosting since Obama’s election.

The president of New York State Young Democrats, Matt Silverstein, said the meeting will draw about 500 participants, and will be held in Times Square.

“We feel that this meeting will help build on the momentum among young Democrats that we saw in the 2008 election,” Silverstein said in an IM to me. “This will allow us to show the NY Political establishment that we are an organization that can help strengthen the NYS Democratic Committee and help elect Democrats in the years to come.”

Silverstein said he’s “excited to host the meeting” but said, “we are a little nervous, but we know that it will be the best YDA meeting ever and the first time YDA has come to Manhattan in decades.”

Young Democrats have tried carving out a larger role for themselves in New York.

Lots of Young Democrats in Manhattan