Lydia Hearst’s Family is Very ‘Sophisticated,’ Doesn’t Mind French Playboy Spread

When we saw Lydia Hearst’s French Playboy cover last week, we wondered what the extended Hearst family might think of the young socialite’s nude spread.

According to Ms. Hearst’s publicist, who stressed that he only represents Ms. Hearst, not the whole family, the Hearst bunch is in fact very supportive of her modeling gigs. Nude or not. 

"Her family is very close and has always been very supportive of Lydia," wrote Ms. Hearst’s publicist in an email to Daily Transom. "French Playboy is very prestigious and they frequently do supermodels and actresses for covers/spreads."

He then added, "Her family is very sophisticated!"

Members of the Hearst clan, indeed, have all had their own share of scandal and intrigue in the past. There is her mom, actress and one-time rifle carrying member of the Symbionese Liberation Army Patty Hearst and her dad, Bernard Shaw, who is also her mother’s former bodyguard. There is her older sister Gillian Hearst-Simonds, defeated clothing designer and current editorial assistant at Hearst Corp.’s Town & Country. There is aunt Anne Hearst, a contributing editor at Town & Country and wife of author Jay McInerney; Anne’s daughter is party-girl Amanda Hearst. Then there is Veronica Hearst, the younger wife of Lydia’s late publishing tycoon grandfather Randolph Hearst, and her socialite daughter Fabiola Beracasa.

It seems that it’ll take more than a cover of French Playboy to make the Hearsts blush.



Lydia Hearst’s Family is Very ‘Sophisticated,’ Doesn’t Mind French Playboy Spread