Marc Shaw Leaves Extell for Albany

Marc Shaw, a former deputy mayor in the Bloomberg administration and now a vice president at Gary Barnett’s Extell Development, is headed to work for Governor Paterson. The Paterson administration announced this afternoon that Mr. Shaw had been appointed as an adviser to the governor for a six-month period.

We’re waiting to hear back from the state on why Mr. Shaw is signing on for such a short term of work, but given his history in government as a budget expert, it seems safe to assume that he’ll be working on fixing the state’s fiscal woes (the budget is due in March). In addition to overseeing the city’s fiscal issues as deputy mayor, he was a budget director under Giuliani, chaired the congestion mitigation committee set up to assuage concerns about congestion pricing, and was an executive director of the M.T.A. (which is dealing with its own fiscal issues right now).

The announcement about Mr. Shaw was accompanied by two other appointments. Peter Kiernan will serve as the new counsel to the governor, and William Cunningham will serve as secretary to the governor, the capital’s chief of staff-equivalent.

Like many large developers that vie for city- and state-administered projects, Extell brought on Mr. Shaw in 2006 in part to help navigate the company in its dealings with the public sector. Marc Shaw Leaves Extell for Albany