Marchand considers Assembly bid

Cumberland County Surrogate Arthur Marchand, who lost his reelection bid last week along with the rest of the county’s Republican slate, tells his friends that he was “Obamatised.”

But after that stinging loss, Marchand, a Hopewell resident and former Cumberland County Prosecutor, said that he hasn’t closed the door to anything– even an Assembly run in the 3rd legislative District against four-term incumbents John Burzichelli and Douglas Fisher.

Last year, Burzichelli and Fisher beat Republicans Phil Donohue and Jeffrey Stepler by more than 10,000 votes each.

“I think it’s always a swing district. I think as goes the 3rd district, so goes the state,” said Marchand. “How it goes next year with Corzine at the top of the ticket, I don’t know. I really don’t know think it will be a great year for Democrats.”

For now, Marchand is nursing his wounds from the Barack Obama-led Democratic wave that swept parts of South Jersey. He’ll still be surrogate until January.

“When Obama wins the county by 12,000 votes, I’ve never ever seen any of our local candidates overcome a margin like that,” he said. Marchand considers Assembly bid