Mid-Morning Read: Bloomberg Cuts

If you couldn’t buy a newspaper yesterday, you weren't alone. Bloomberg had “odd timing” in the announcement of his budget

If you couldn’t buy a newspaper yesterday, you weren't alone.

Bloomberg had “odd timing” in the announcement of his budget measures, but is “doing the right thing,” writes the New York Times editorial board.

Bean-counter Larry Littlefield isn’t happy with how Michael Bloomberg and Christine Quinn are handling it.

“Any cuts to the operational side of the Fire Department will jeopardize civilian and firefighter lives,” said Uniformed Firefighters Association President, Steve Cassidy.

“We may have less money for education, but maybe students will be more motivated to achieve the seemingly impossible as Obama did,” Michael Daly writes

With two weeks until a special session, Paterson is still keeping tax hikes off the table.

Remember: the State Senate Republicans still control the special session.

But the Democratic sweep could mean time is up for many G.O.P. staffers.

And could hurt some districts served by long-term Republicans.

Observers are saying the same thing in Plattsburgh and and Rochester.

Representative Michael Arcuri and challenger Richard Hanna, still waiting for absentees, are plotting a rematch.

Eric Massa has been projected the winner of his challenge to Representative Randy Kuhl, but he hasn't declared victory and Kuhl hasn't conceded.

Kiryas Joel, famous for bloc voting, straddles party lines.

A former George Pataki spokesman said Republicans in the State Senate deserve to lose because they weren’t Republican enough.

John Faso says Republicans need to reach out to minorities and younger voters.

Bloomberg called to congratulate Sacramento’s mayor-elect, who defeated an incumbent seeking a third term.

Ousted Republican City Councilman Anthony Como’s chief of staff said they lost because people simply voted against the party.

Wide charter revision margin may embolden the Albany Common Council.

Doug Schoen says moderates, not liberals, gave Barack Obama the presidency.

James Heaney excerpts the Newsweek post-election story and enjoys the Sarah Pallin sniping.

There is a report going around that Palin thought Africa was a country when she was first chosen as a running mate.

Brooklyn Ron notes that Joe Biden was a historic candidate too.

Obama drew no Bradley effect.

An upstate native takes a spot on Obama’s transition team.

Obama's White House might look a bit like Bill Clinton's.

Representative Chris Shays, who just lost re-election in Connecticut after 22 years in the House, was the last Republican member of Congress from the Northeast.

Rocker Pete Wentz’s parents met while working as aides to Joe Biden. Mid-Morning Read: Bloomberg Cuts