Mid-Morning Read: Bloomberg, Paterson, Griffin

Michael Bloomberg is introducing Joe Crowley at a breakfast hosted by the Association for a Better New York at the Regency Hotel. Last night, Bloomberg hung out with Vito Lopez.

Representative-elect Mike McMahon, who the mayor endorsed, isn’t happy about the city’s plan to rescind the property tax rebates.

David Paterson proposed closing several youth detention centers, a blow for some far-flung communities.

In Monroe, a balanced budget hinges on $32 million worth of one-shot deals.

The New York Post editorial board says this budget fight is a prelude to a larger one over next year’s budget.

It's also skeptical about the Willets Point plan.

Albany D.A. David Soares exceeded campaign limits, and so did his challenger.

Near Binghamton, officials missed 1,000 votes in a trustees race.

Buffalo mourns former Mayor James Griffin.

Dan Janison said Steve Levy’s reaction to a recent bias attack is unenviable.

Newsday’s editorial page said Levy needs to be “bolder” in his response to the incident.

Amid the cuts, a Syracuse project moves forward.

Uber operative Corey Johnson rallies against the same-sex marriage ban.

Here are the Jewish members of Congress (New York is well represented).

And who won an election in which no one was running? Amsterdam is counting.

Mid-Morning Read: Bloomberg, Paterson, Griffin