Mid-Morning Read: Clinton’s Future, Cattaraugus Flip

Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State, perhaps?

A Queens blogger says take her.

If true, it would be the biggest leak of the campaign so far.

The Moderate Voice rounds up the "Secretary Clinton" stories and deems the idea possible.

Alex Navarro-McKay starts the speculation game over who David Paterson would appoint to take Clinton's place if she did leave.

Evan Maloney says the term-limits extension in Russia which may lead to Vladimir Putin’s return was inspired by Bloomberg.

Here’s more on two state senators’ claim that Paterson said he was open to supporting someone other than Malcolm Smith as majority leader.

The fund-raiser for former county executive Joel Giambra is behind in repaying bills.

Sam Hoyt will focus next week on green jobs.

A Cattaraugus County legislator flips to the Republican majority.

At least one county is now planning to cut jobs.

In addition to cuts, localities are having tougher time borrowing.

In a sign that he’s really running for mayor, Bill Thompson is holding a fund-raiser for comptroller candidate David Weprin.

Steve Levy comes in for criticism from the New York Times editorial board.

Charles Rangel hired a forensic accountant to straighten out his finances.

David Yassky and Dan Squadron have an op-ed saying the city and state should work closer together during this fiscal crisis.

Brooklyn Paper says Marty Markowitz doesn’t need a 74-person staff to do his job.

Southern Tier politicians support natural gas drilling.

The Ithaca Journal editorial board says Paterson shouldn’t delay making budget cuts.

The Wall Street Journal thinks it's wise of Barack Obama to stay away from the G-20 Summit this weekend.

Mid-Morning Read: Clinton’s Future, Cattaraugus Flip