Mid-Morning Read: Clinton’s Reception, Paterson’s Cuts, Levy’s Immigration Policy

Page Six says the Clintons got an unremarkable reception at the Abyssinian Baptist Church reception the other night.

“Our preference would be that there be a Hispanic Democrat as the leader in a bipartisan chamber,” said Carl Kruger.

Tom Precious paints a gloomy picture for David Paterson’s budget cuts.

The New York Post editorial board tells Paterson to fight critics of his budget plan.

Paterson blasts the Gang of Three, in Syracuse.

Paterson may even be cutting the Goo Goo Dolls, or whoever would be booked at the state fair.

Interest groups will meet not only in Albany, but Binghamton.

The Niagara Falls mayor will go to trial for federal corruption charges.

Steve Levy criticizes Newsday for linking an immigrant’s murder to his immigration policy.

“At last! From supine to sublime,” Richard Lipsky says of the City Council now fighting Bloomberg over rescinding the $400 homeowner rebates.

A similar rebate may be lost in New Jersey.

A new town justice was charged with DWI.

Lisa Colangelo notes that DC37 has a new contract, but also an unresolved issue about requiring employees to live in the city.

The AP picks up on Eric Schniderman’s environmental meeting tonight on the Upper West Side.

Girls little league baseball gets caught up in local mayor’s race.

Republican State Senate candidate Barbara Donno didn’t carry the town where she’s a mayor.

A Democrat wins a town board seat, surprising himself and bucking the area’s long G.O.P. control.

Joe Scarborough’s show now has tape delay.

And here’s Bloomberg discussing tolls for the East River bridges. Mid-Morning Read: Clinton’s Reception, Paterson’s Cuts, Levy’s Immigration Policy