Mid-Morning Read: Giuliani’s Return, Scarborough’s Morning

Chuck Schumer is pushing for federal money for New York, while John Liu thinks part of the $700 billion bailout should go towards rescuing the M.T.A.

Marty Markowitz is going to have to cut staff.

Guy Molinaro, who is joining a lawsuit against Michael Bloomberg's term-limits extension, has won a few major lawsuits in his time.

Fred Dicker reports State Republican Chairman Joe Mondello is expected to resign by the end of the year.

Bloomberg Critic Richard Emery thinks it’s time to stop opposing the term-limits extension, and help the mayor govern.

This blogger says if Republicans want to make a comeback, they need to get rid of Chuck Schumer.

According to David Carr, Barack Obama’s supporters are armed not with “pitchforks and lanterns,” but with broadband and Youtube.”

So, what does a "wired" presidency look like?

Obama, who will meet with George W. Bush at the White House today, favors Valerie Jarret as his Senate replacement.

Richard Lipsky thinks the Senate Democrats are becoming “the wholly owned subsidiary of the W.F.P.”

Supporters of the Democrat that Dean Skelos defeated say they were harassed on Election Day.

Malcolm Smith said he’d allow a vote on a bill to require a public referendum on term limits.

Amid the budget mess, don’t forget the state authorities.

Courtney Gross thinks the city Conflict of Interest Board acts more like a security guard than the ethical police.

The Daily News editorial board says “throw the bums out,” referring not to elected officials, but the staff of the B.O.E.

Randy Kuhl and Eric Massa will proceed with a full vote recount.

Having eliminated four seats, Broome County focuses on redistricting.

In Niagara County, the sheriff’s race transcended party lines.

The Rochester G.O.P. is looking to refresh itself, even after sweeping many local seats.

After winning re-election, Albany D.A. David Soares blasted leaders of law enforcement unions “shameful” and “disingenuous” efforts against him.

A suburban Buffalo town board voted to reduce its members pay.

Voter turnout in New York, not so historic after all.

And Joe Scarborough had a bad morning

Mid-Morning Read: Giuliani’s Return, Scarborough’s Morning