Mid-Morning Read: Hogrebe’s Return, Massa’s North, Bloomberg L.P.

Portfolio looks at the lawsuit filed by pregnant women at Bloomberg L.P.

Vanity Fair has a lengthy look at the expanding Bloomberg L.P.

Fred Siegel disses Newsweek for letting Michael Bloomberg give advice on fiscal discipline.

“No one should be required to pay for their tickets” to the Obama inauguration, said Senator Dianne Feinstein.

Gov. David Paterson will be in Syracuse today.

Massa’s probable victory came from the north.

One theory is that if the gang of four were Republicans, they would dump Senator Dean Skelos as leader in favor of Tom Libous.

Richard Lipsky wonders who Ruben Diaz Sr. turns to if Malcolm Smith doesn’t meet his demands.

Towleroad does not have high hopes for Senate Democrats, since gay marriage is the bargaining chip.

An endowment plunge could lead to cuts at S.U.N.Y.

There are more state jobs than wounded veterans to fill them.

Senecas argue to keep reservation cigarettes tax free.

A state senator in the Bronx is looking for a legislative and media coordinator.

Alex Navarro says Terence Tolbert's impact can be seen in the exit polls in Nevada.

Dan Jacoby says critics may lose this lawsuit against Bloomberg, but the case against the Finance Board may hold water.

City Council spokesman Anthony Hogrebe is back at work here, after working on Barack Obama and Mike McMahon’s campaigns.

Heather MacDonald wants the city to cut housing subsidies to families she thinks really aren’t homeless.

Ari Melber can’t figure out what Obama is doing with Joe Lieberman.

This guy may be the next E.P.A. head.


Peter Kauffmann, the former Hillary aide and Navy man now of Glover Park, says that Democrats are emerging as the party with real military bona fides.

And Laura Bush is writing a book.

Mid-Morning Read: Hogrebe’s Return, Massa’s North, Bloomberg L.P.