Mid-Morning Read: Kennedy’s Offer to Clinton, Angry at Albany, Levy’s Big Speech

Steve Levy’s speech last night about race and immigration the “first time he apologized directly to the family” of an Ecuadorian man killed by 7 high school kids recently.

The mayor in Toledo, Ohio is following Michael Bloomberg and eyeing a 5-cent tax on plastic bags.

“Council members, stop!” said Christine Quinn when Jimmy Oddo and Charles Barron were yelling at each other.

Thomas Friedman thinks that for Hillary Clinton to be an effective secretary of state, she would have to be seen as having a close relationship with Barack Obama.

David Geffen, an early Obama supporter, says Clinton would be great for the job.

Making things a little more complicated, the L.A. Times reports Ted Kennedy has offered Clinton the chance to head a Senate working group to reform health care.

“Brainless jellyfish would not have done worse,” says the Daily News editorial board about legislative leaders in Albany yesterday.

“How do these guys sleep at night?” asks the New York Post editorial board.

The Press and Sun Bulletin dubbed it an "ego-fest."

"A total waste of the taxpayer dollars it took to bring these reluctant representatives to Albany," says Fred Lebrun.

Schools dodged a bullet, at least for now.

But that doesn't mean they're not preparing for cuts.

In round two, Paterson really has a lot of power, according to Rick Karlin.

Michael Arcuri still leads in the official count.

State Senator-elect Roy McDonald will have two offices, somewhere.

A blog for billionaires notices Michael Bloomberg.

Can you find your newly elected congress member in this photo?

Helen Sears’ son got angry when asked about his mother dropping out of a re-election race late next year so he could take the seat without a primary.

A Rochester blogger was wooed by Andrew Cuomo.

Without a new chancellor, SUNY loses its interim one.

Eric Gioia wants Costco to accept food stamps.

And above is Steve Levy's speech on race, which aired on TV last night in the wake of a murder in Suffolk County.

Mid-Morning Read: Kennedy’s Offer to Clinton, Angry at Albany, Levy’s Big Speech