Mid-Morning Read: Libertarians for Clinton

A Democrat & Chronicle columnist calls the legislature a “carnival” and said lawmakers “disgraced themselves.”

As a result of the inaction of state lawmakers, David Paterson went to Washington lacking "credibility," writes the Daily News editorial board.

Newsday's James Klurfeld is not impressed with Albany.

The governor's mansion recently purchased a $21,000 rug.

Carl Kruger supports reinstating the commuter tax, which puts him at odds with Republican leader Dean Skelos as Skelos tries to woo Kruger.

The M.T.A.'s can keep its operating budget afloat, maybe, but a lack of capital funds means the subway could look like the 1970s before long.

Bill Clinton has reportedly accepted limits on his activities if Hillary becomes S.o.S.

Arizona Governor Janet Napolitano will reportedly be Obama's Homeland Security secretary,

The Brooklyn Optimist imagines Carl Kruger supporting Assemblyman Martin Dilan for majority leader, giving Vito Lopez one less opponent for Nydia Velazquez’s congressional seat, in the case that Hillary Clinton leaves her Senate seat and Velazquez is appointed.

Richard Hanna concedes to Representative Mike Arcuri, finally.

The New York Post editorial board hopes that all the political veterans joining Obama’s administration can deliver change in Washington.

Bill Clinton briefly massaged Paterson’s shoulders.

“I’m not interested in giving Detroit one red cent to make bigger S.U.V.s,” said Steve Israel.

Richard Lipsky gives Mike Bloomberg a new name.

At 87, former mayor Duci will always be mayor.

Larry Littlefield wonders why the the city waited so long to cash his check, and if that says something about their economic policy.

Gary Tilzer says every reporter should be like Rafael Martinez-Alequin.

Curtis Sliwa says if you get nostalgic for old New York, visit Camden or Detroit.

Imagine life in Westchester County without Westchester County government.

And the Libertarian Party of New York supports Clinton for Secretary of State.

Mid-Morning Read: Libertarians for Clinton