Mid-Morning Read: M.T.A.’s Massive Cuts, Session in Albany, Speeches in Suffolk

Due to enormous budget problems, the M.T.A. is killing the W and Z lines, halving stops on the G and M, laying off 1,500 workers and reducing the number of trains. Without a government bailout, it will get worse.

With action not expected on special session day in Albany, why make the trip?

Suffolk County Executive Steve Levy is making two major speeches about race in the wake of his insensitive remarks following the murder of an Ecuadorian man on Long Island.

Suffolk County’s “credibility is under attack,” writes Newsday columnist Joye Brown.

In a newspaper popular among straphangers, there's slightly skeptical coverage of Michael Bloomberg’s plan to ask for the commuter tax to be reinstated.

The New York Post editorial board criticized Bloomberg for cutting fire and police officers, but his own staff.

Bloomberg’s plan to reinstate the commuter tax would be opposed by popular Connecticut Governor Jodi Rell.

Wall Street Journal’s opinion section says Bloomberg “has been reluctant to challenge the public-employee unions that drive ever-larger public employment.”

With a final vote tally in an upstate congressional race expected today, trailing Republican incumbent Randy Kuhl is facing an F.E.C. probe.

George Winner said the state is dragging its feet on liquor licenses.

The Times Union thinks we should follow the example of a highway superintendent who voluntarily gave up his raise.

Maybe that superintendent should replace Hillary Clinton!

The blog for the New York Times editorial board doesn’t mention Nydia Velazquez as a candidate to replace Clinton.

Clyde Haberman notes that two people who were really tough on Bloomberg’s budget director were also leading voices to extend term limits.

Christine Quinn co-writes an op-ed in Metro about protecting health care access for women.

Tom Golisano says the money he spent on upstate races scored a “solid double; maybe triple.” He also said he will stay politically active.

SUNY officials expect cuts will mean layoffs and fewer students.

An area in which David Paterson won’t make cuts: libraries.

Bob Kappstatter wonders how much money the Bronx Democratic Party has in the bank.

Getting rid of plastic bags may not be so easy.

The Spitzers went to the movies.

A fire chief in Ossining who emailed a joke about Barack Obama that included the phrase, “Eyes Yo New Prezident,“ apologized for his action and said he considered it a “political spoof.“

According to Page Six, Chris Matthews said of Hillary Clinton, “She’s just a soap opera,” wondering why Obama would offer her a job.

And here’s Bill Thompson, carefully standing on a plastic milk crate and speaking to local Obama supporters in Brooklyn Sunday night.

Mid-Morning Read: M.T.A.’s Massive Cuts, Session in Albany, Speeches in Suffolk