Mid-Morning Read: Rangel, Heastie, Skelos

Republicans want Charlie Rangel investigated.

The New York Times editorial board hopes Nancy Pelosi was “shocked into action” after yesterday’s story about Rangel preserving a tax break for a donor.

Rangel paid $121,000 to a lawyer for help with other ethics investigations.

NY1 has more on David Paterson saying it’s “very important” to have someone in the Senate from an under-represented part of the state.

Dan Janison said the case for Tom Suozzi replacing Hillary Clinton could probably be made for Representative Steve Israel too.

Benjamin Sarlin believes the idea of Kirsten Gillibrand for Senate.

Democrats have questions about how Eliot Spitzer was taken down.

As he warned of painful budget cuts to come, Paterson ruled out cuts to schools–this year.

The Buffalo News says state lawmakers are “cowards” for not addressing the deficit.

If New York needs to cut, it can cut programs that hurt the environment, say environmental groups.

Eric Massa raised an average of $50 from his online donors.

It’s getting expensive to need an ambulance.

A Syracuse assemblywoman skipped a photo-op with Chuck Schumer.

Isaac Abraham is mad about proliferating bike lanes.

Obama’s scheduler is from Rhinebeck High School.

If Dutchess County legislators don’t repeal a local clothing tax exemption, property taxes could go way up.

Carl Heastie is the new leader of the Bronx Democratic Party (and George Arzt expects some “repercussions from the civil war”).

There’s a new Hispanic police official in Suffolk, where the murder of an Ecuadorian immigrant has exposed deep-seated racial tension.

As the dispute over taxes and revenue rages, authorities raided two stores owned by the Cayuga Indians and seized cigarettes.

And with Dean Skelos on stage with him in the Bronx, Ruben Diaz, Sr. said, “We need to fight anyone that would like to cut the services to senior citizens.”

Mid-Morning Read: Rangel, Heastie, Skelos