Mid-Morning Read: Rangel’s Donor, Wolfson’s Job, Ulster’s Votes

The Times reports that Charlie Rangel helped maintain a tax loophole for a drilling company whose top executive donated $1 million to Rangel's eponymous CUNY center. Rangel previously opposed the loophole.

The Washington Post pushes along the story that Rangel may have improperly received a tax break on his Washington residence.

“You bet your sweet life,” Rangel said when asked if he’d still raise money for Democrats amid growing scrutiny.

The government has a new acronym: TALF, which is supposed to make more loans available to consumers and small business.

Albany Mayor Jerry Jennings kicks off his re-election bid.

“He should stop trying to extend his control,” the New York Times editorial board writes of Hugo Chavez, to whom Michael Bloomberg has recently been compared.

Howard Wolfson to the State Department?

Mario Cuomo for Senate?

A judge will determine today who controls the Bronx Democratic Party.

Now, three weeks after the election, they’re still counting ballots in two Ulster County races.

Rabbi Shmuel, executive vice president of Bloom of Agudath Israel, is retiring in January.

Priority number one for Buffalo: an expansion of the University of Buffalo, fueled with state funds.

As some come under attack, Potsdam’s Empire Zone gains jobs.

The state and Oneida County are suing to prevent tribal land from going into trusts they don’t regulate.

Here’s more on Representative Ed Towns taking over the government oversight committee.

Writing in Politico, Tom Suozzi floats an plan to have the federal government take over the local cost of Medicaid.

Martin Cantor, in Long Island Business News, says Albany Democrats are a threat to businesses.

Among the five big lies about the budget is that “we don’t have to cut school aid or health care,” at least according to Bill Hammond,

The city needs millions of dollars more to renovate precincts on Staten Island.

James Heaney is taking a poll on the Brian-Higgins-for-Senate theory.

Jeff Jarvis says faculty members at CUNY are learning about Flickr, YouTube and other techie things. Mid-Morning Read: Rangel’s Donor, Wolfson’s Job, Ulster’s Votes