Mid-Morning Read: Silda’s Job, Cuomo’s Destiny

Silda Wall is working at a hedge fund, reports Jacob Gershman.

Andrew Cuomo’s “destiny is in New York and in Albany,” said an unnamed source who knows him.

Jason Fink quotes the Examiner, which calls Cuomo “all but certain” for Clinton’s senate seat.

Republicans in Binghamton are salivating over the potential to unseat Mayor Matthew Ryan.

Here’s a professional negotiator’s take on New York leaders’ “negotiations”

Sarah Palin isn’t the only one who can use eBay to raise funds.

Rick Brand explains Steve Levy’s fight with a local community college.

John Heilemann looks at the new phase of Obama and Hillary Clinton’s relationship.

Geoffrey Gray looks at David Paterson’s choices for Clinton’s senate seat.

Students complain that the City Council held hearings on term limits, but not on the Student Safety Act.

Nick Judd notes that salaries for community board employees are going up, as their budgets are being slashed.

To deal with their finances, a community board in the Bronx may form a nonprofit to raise money.

Vinny Gentile says the city is losing out by not charging cell phone companies more money to erect cell towers.

Andrew White looks at congressional redistricting.

Jordan Moss notices a lot of speculation about Adolfo Carrion lately.

Bay Ridge Journal states the obvious.

James Heaney games out the Higgins-for-Senate-theory.

Joe Addabbo gets the cover of The Forum West.

The winds of wind power are slowing.

S.U.N.Y. gets more cash from hiked tuition, but can’t yet spend it.

“I’m still the same person I was before,” Dan Maffei tells the D&C. The one big difference:  When clueless people ask the boyish-looking 40-year-old who he works for, he now answers, “the people of the 25th Congressional District of New York.”

"I don't feel I brought him down" Ashley Dupre says of Eliot Spitzer. Mid-Morning Read: Silda’s Job, Cuomo’s Destiny