Mid-Morning Read: Ticket Revenue, Rochester to D.C., Senate Uncertainty

Under Michael Bloomberg, the city raised $624 million in parking tickets, which is more than it costs to run the city Department of Transportation.

Vito Lopez is hosting the Clintons.

Police were called into a meeting after the mayor of Greenpoint and a local lawmaker couldn’t agree over who should be allowed to speak.

Nicholas Confessore looks at Malcolm Smith, who still doesn’t have the votes for majority leader.

Juan Gonzalez quotes “one powerful lawmaker who has the governor’s ear” saying that if Smith can’t resolve the leadership fight, lawmakers may seek another candidate.

Jonah Goldberg isn’t calling Barack Obama a hypocrite for sending his kids to private school.

Obama has a lot of New Yorkers in top cabinet positions.

The Ravitch Commission is expected to recommend a payroll tax, on top of East River tolls.

Even if the state officially isn't hiring, some state authorities are.

After Mike Ranzenhofer's Senate win, the talk has turned to who will replace him in Erie County legislature.

Hundreds of Rochester residents will swell the Obama inauguration.

Most state legislators have side jobs, but we don't know how much they earn.

Reformers in Albany want lawmakers to disclose their outside sources of income.

As attention turns to shopping, state officials urge caution.

And here's a direct, random appeal for comments about Obama's election.  Mid-Morning Read: Ticket Revenue, Rochester to D.C., Senate Uncertainty