Mid-Morning Read: Votes in Creedmoor, Calls in Rensselaer, Kindergarten in Poughkeepsie

Scoopy’s Notebook describes Obama’s “nationwide teleconference” in which he thanked supporters after the election.

Christine Quinn’s challengers get ready to run next year.

The New York Times editorial board picks up on Gary Ackerman’s critique of automakers.

Nicole Gelinas says the M.T.A.’s woes are because of George Pataki and even Michael Bloomberg.

Among the disputed votes in the Padavan-Gennaro recount are 21 ballots cast from the Creedmoor Psychiatrict Center.

In the comments section, Yoda says Obama supporters weren’t so successful locally when they helped Kevin Powell.

Mike Schenkler is impressed with Hiram Monserrate, less so with Bloomberg.

Urban Elephants is unhappy with the mayor over not sending out the homeowner rebate checks.

Rudy Giuliani’s former speechwriter, John Avlon, is getting married.

Jim Molinaro may run for a third term as Staten Island Borough President (which may lead to Jimmy Oddo remaining in the City Council).

Here's video of Andy Spano’s chat with the Journal News editorial board.

Kirsten Gillibrand laughs off a question about being an accidental congresswoman.

Parents complain about mayoral control of city schools.

Obama supporters can now go back to yoga.

Gay City News looks back at Proposition 8.

In her last bench appearance, Judith Kaye was “struggling very hard to hold myself together.”

“When people can’t get through the street I’d like to give them the home numbers of the people who voted this down,” said the Rensselaer mayor after the council voted down his proposal.

Eric Massa may declare victory today.

Buffalo D.A. won’t investigate Golisano complaints because, “I simply don’t have the resources to do it.”

A Rochester columnist says Dean Skelos’ actions will backfire.

The possibility remains of aid cuts for towns with video slots.

If aid is cut, Poughkeepsie may have to eliminate kindergarten.

The Buffalo News thinks David Paterson should consider appointing someone from upstate as Hillary Clinton’s replacement.

Mid-Morning Read: Votes in Creedmoor, Calls in Rensselaer, Kindergarten in Poughkeepsie