Morning News Digest: Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Corzine continues to fight against release of e-mails

Gov. Jon Corzine spent the fall rolling out plans for economic stimulus and ethics reform, campaigning for Barack Obama and fielding questions about whether he's angling for a cabinet job. (Claire Heininger, The Star-Ledger)

Constituents back councilman despite nightclub incident

The news that broke over the weekend seemed to be yet another punchline for one of New Jersey's largest cities and its politicians. (Russell Ben-Ali, The Star-Ledger)

GOP critical of Corzine's plan to repay bonds

TRENTON — Republican lawmakers are criticizing Gov. Jon S. Corzine's administration for how it plans to repay $750 million in bonds being put on the market today to raise money for highway, bridge and mass transit projects around New Jersey. (Gannett)

New Jersey transit czar calls for stimulus

As many as 10,000 New Jersey jobs can be created quickly if a federal economic-stimulus package includes money for highway projects, state Transportation Commissioner Kris Kolluri says. (Paul Nussbaum, Phladelphia Inquirer)

State in no rush to address gay-marriage bans

A leading opponent of gay marriage in New Jersey says he is heartened that voters in California, Arizona and Florida added bans to their state constitutions last week. (Associated Press)

Property tax rebates could be in jeopardy in 2009

TRENTON – Gov. Corzine said yesterday that property-tax rebates for homeowners and renters could become a casualty of the faltering economy. (Philadelphia Inquirer)

Healy backs Matsikoudis as regional EPA administrator

Jersey City Mayor Jerramiah Healy, who backed Barack Obama for president when most other New Jersey politicos were supporting Hillary Clinton, thinks that his corporation counsel, Bill Matsikoudis, would make a good Regional EPA Administrator. (

Hudson election results are now official

Bleary-eyed Hudson County election employees worked through the weekend to complete cerification of last Tuesday's election results for the entire county. (Ronald Leir, The Jersey Journal)

Lance will stay neutral on question of his successor

Asked whether he’ll endorse anyone to replace him in the state Senate, Congressman-elect Leonard Lance (R-Flemington) said that he would follow advice from his late father, former Senate President Wesley Lance. (

State has Obama to-do list

From those advocating for health care reform to others pushing alternative energy production, organizations in New Jersey are waiting, rather impatiently, for President-elect Barack Obama to begin work in the Oval Office. (Trish G. Graber, Gloucester County Times)

Obama, Newark, and the expectations

NEWARK – Among Newark elected officials, the election of Barack Obama last week sparked hope for healthcare reform, more federal aid, a re-invigorated sense of American leadership – and a special place on the president’s to-do list for the Brick City. (

No change in Ocean Gate election outcome

OCEAN GATE — The provisional ballots, which were read Monday, did not change the outcome of the borough's election, in which Republicans Richard Russell and Tony Digironimo were elected. (Chelsea Michels, Asbury Park Press)

Denville councilman-elect targets school bond vote

DENVILLE — New 3rd Ward Councilman Bob Grant, a former school board member, said he will not adhere to the traditional neutrality on educational issues and will work to defeat a $69.5 million middle school bond referendum. (Rob Jennings, The Daily Record)

Healy, Booker invite mayors to strategize

Jersey City Mayor Jerramiah T. Healy and Newark Mayor Cory Booker are hosting a breakfast today for New Jersey urban mayors to build consensus for a federal stimulus package for cities. (The Jersey Journal)

Ferriero looms large over slim victory

Bergen County Democrats maintained a dissent-free 7-0 control over the Freeholder Board last Tuesday. So why are the victors gulping Maalox instead of savoring the sweet taste of champagne? (Charles Stile, The Bergen Record)

County faces decline in revenue

A sinking real estate market and investment woes have opened a $5 million revenue shortfall in Camden County's $312 million budget for the year, county Administrator Ross Angilella confirmed Tuesday. (Adam Smeltz, The Courier-Post)

Flashpoint Chiappone

BAYONNE – It was a bruising fight for Assemblyman Tony Chiappone (D-Bayonne), one he wanted badly to win, but his ally in last week’s mayoral election lost, and now Chiappone must look ahead to his own re-election bid next year and the grim prospect of running off the line. (

Cops: Man tried to bribe mayor

HANOVER — A Blairstown man who owns the vacant site of a former gas station at the corner of Parsippany and Whippany roads is charged with trying to bribe the mayor to allow him to build a retail store at the site, authorities said Tuesday. (Jake Remaly, The Daily Record)

Hill acquires Pa. bank

Vernon W. Hill II, the iconoclastic entrepreneur who founded and was ousted from Commerce Bank, will soon be back in South Jersey with a new bank. (Eileen Smith, The Courier-Post)

Morning News Digest: Wednesday, November 12, 2008