Murphy plans another run for Congress

Former Tabernacle Committeeman Justin Murphy said today that he’s probably going to run for the Republican nomination in the 3rd Congressional District again in 2010.

“We’ve got to build a nice network and base. It’s a long time. A year from now we’re going to get serious about it,” said Murphy, who hopes to get the opportunity to take on Democratic Congressman-elect John Adler next time.

Murphy surprised many political observers with his strong performance in the Republican 3rd District Congressional primary in June, in which he ran as an anti-machine candidate. The race was thought to be neck-and-neck between Medford Mayor Chris Myers and Ocean County Freeholder Jack Kelly, while Murphy was considered by many to be an “also ran.” But when the votes were counted, Myers won with 12,694 to Kelly’s 6,531 and Murphy’s 6,494.

Murphy thinks that performance will get him more attention next time around – both from the major regional political parties and the press.

“We made a big flash and ran so strong. I think people will perk up and notice us,” he said.

Murphy said that he will seek the party lines in Ocean, Burlington and Camden Counties, but only if they have an open process.

“If they open the process up and encourage primaries and participation, I would certainly be more than happy to participate in that,” said Murphy. “If things stay the same, I would probably not seek the line endorsement, but I would no doubt seek out every individual republican voter, and include county committee members and municipal chairmen.”

Murphy plans another run for Congress