NJN Executive Director Elizabeth Christopherson announces her resignation

In a surprise email message to all employees, Elizabeth Christopherson advised the NJN staff of her resignation as its longest-serving Executive Director, effective December 1, 2008.

In the email released late Monday afternoon, Christopherson wrote:

“I wanted to call a staff meeting at this late hour to share the following news with you in person, but I know so many of you are getting ready for the news and working in preparation for tomorrow’s Election Day coverage.

So I am writing you this email because I want you to hear this news from me. I am scheduling a staff meeting on Wednesday at 2:30 PM., and will let you know where the meeting will be held.

It has been an extraordinary privilege to work with you at NJN and to have contributed to a mission so vital to our state. So it is with a heavy heart that I share with you that I will be resigning effective Monday, December 1, 2008.”

According to the Governor’s press secretary, Sean Darcy, the Governor was “surprised by the announcement.” Darcy stated the Governor did not ask for Christopherson’s resignation.

Christopherson submitted her letter of resignation to the Authorities Unit Monday. The Governor was informed of her resignation Monday evening.

At the emergency meeting of the New Jersey Public Broadcasting Authority Board of Commissioners held this afternoon, one participant confirmed that Christopherson’s contributions “were lauded by many while others expressed regret over Elizabeth’s decision.”

It was also announced that the proposal to allow NJN to transition to a community broadcast station was “dead.”

Coming next: With the loss of Christopherson as one of the station’s biggest fundraisers and advocates, what does the future hold for NJN?

NJN Executive Director Elizabeth Christopherson announces her resignation