NYSun.com Goes Offline [Update]

This past weekend, The New York Times‘ ‘City’ section featured a story by Caroline H. Dworin headlined Suddenly, Souvenirs, about promotional paperweights and newspaper boxes for the late New York Sun, which remain like memento mori throughout the city after the paper folded in September.

Writes Ms. Dworin:

Perhaps those who will notice the weights the longest and watch mournfully as they disappear are the paper’s former staff members. A few weeks ago, while walking in the Flatiron district, Jacob Gershman, The Sun’s Albany reporter, found himself standing on line at a newsstand, a worn weight in his hand.

‘You see these around, and you want to pick something up before it all goes away,’ he said. ‘How quickly does an institution like The Sun recede in people’s memories?’

(Ms. Dworin was apparently on the media obituaries desk this weekend, having also bylined an as-told-to story about life after Radar and the challenges of filing for unemployment using an iPhone.)

Today, CityFile brings news that another piece of The New York Sun is now gone: nysun.com has gone offline. After attempting to load the site with no success, Media Mob tried to email Sun co-founder and Managing Editor Ira Stoll to ask about the hosting and what would become of the paper’s archive online.

Alas, a message sent to his nysun.com address bounced back.

Update, 4:12 p.m.: Mr. Stoll writes to say that The Sun‘s Web site will be back online "eventually."  

NYSun.com Goes Offline [Update]