Oddo and Barron Clash, Chaotically, at Hearing

Jimmy Oddo and Charles Barron, two of the more outspoken City Council members, got into a yelling match during a Council hearing at City Hall, according to a witness.

The dispute occurred during a hearing on a bill that would strengthen laws that govern protesters who demonstrate in front of women's health clinics that provide abortions, and also other services. Supporters say it protects access to the clinics, critics say it infringes on free speech. Christine Quinn backs the the bill and co-wrote an opinion piece on it today.

Oddo opposes abortion rights. Barron supports them.

According to a person who attended the hearing, the fight was so chaotic, “It was hard to make out what they were saying.”

This is not entirely unexpected behavior from either Oddo or Barron.

I popped my head into the hearing after the excitement. The two men were seated on opposite ends of the room, both seemingly occupied with a stack of papers in front of them.

Oddo and Barron Clash, Chaotically, at Hearing