Page Makes the Case for Cancelled Rebates

New York City’s budget director Mark Page is testifying at a City Council hearing at City Hall right now about Michael Bloomberg’s proposal to help close the city’s multi-billion budget gap.

Key here is the Council’s opposition to Bloomberg’s plan to rescind the $400 home owners rebate, which Page says would provide much-needed revenue. “The rebate is $250 million” in savings, he said.

By comparison, another dramatic element of the mayor’s plan — reducing the size of the police force by about 1,000 officers — would save only $80 million, according to Page.

Later, Page was asked if he'd help lobby Albany to reinstate the commuter tax.

"As New York City Budget Director, I’m always eager for money that we don’t have to pay for that we can spend," said Page.

He also said that while the argument for reinstating the commuter tax is "compelling and always has been," it's unclear if that's going to be enough reason for state lawmakers to act on it.

Page Makes the Case for Cancelled Rebates