Paterson Cuts Upstate Cities Too

ALBANY—It looks as though upstate cities will take an immediate aid cut under David Paterson's plan after all.

While Paterson only proposed a direct $41 million cut in Aid and Incentives to Municipalities – the program through which most aid to local governments is funneled – for New York City in the current fiscal year, he also reduced new legislative programs by half.

That means about $5.8 million will be taken from 33 upstate cities.

"While these municipalities will do all they can to manage these reductions, there will be impacts on property taxes and essential services," said Peter Baynes, executive director of the New York Conference of Mayors. He provided this spread sheet showing the cuts by municipality.

Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse and Yonkers will be the hardest hit. But their cuts – none more than $2 million – pale in comparison to the cut the city faces.

Paterson Cuts Upstate Cities Too