Paterson’s Cuts Tomorrow, Obama’s Feelings on Lieberman

David Paterson will announce across-the-board budget cuts tomorrow. [Albany Watch]

Brooklyn politicians showed up in droves to oppose the downsizing of Long Island City Hospital. [Brooklyn Paper]

The debate about tolling the East River bridges goes back farther than Social Security, reports Sewell Chan.  [City Room]

After the M.T.A.'s announcement yesterday, a blogger says it's clear that service cuts are much more likely than they originally thought. [Transit Blogger]

The Obama campaign is officially not holding any grudges against Joe Lieberman. [T.P.M.]


The Obama administration is unlikely to drastically overhaul the Bush intelligence policies, which have not been popular with liberals. [WSJ]

When he went to lay a wreath for veterans, Obama was accompanied by Tammy Duckworth, who may be his chief of veteran affairs. [Lynn Sweet]

Michelle Obama, who never seemed fond of Hillary Clinton, called the former first lady for advice on raising children in the White House. [Politico]

John Edwards is back. [Chicago Tribune]

Paterson’s Cuts Tomorrow, Obama’s Feelings on Lieberman