Paterson’s Warning of G.O.P. Politics in ‘Disguise’

Governor David Paterson said that for 15 years when he was in the State Senate, he tried to make committee chairmen more powerful so that the leader of the conference didn't dominate what happens there.

But, not surprisingly, Paterson had very different feelings about the proposals to empower the Senate Finance Committee chair that were floated by Republicans as an enticement to possible Democratic defectors in the run-up to January's leadership vote.

“This is a very interesting issue because that is the way it used to be,” Paterson said, before saying that Republicans where the ones who disempowered the Finance Committee in 1993.

Paterson was speaking at a press conference in the Bronx about cracking down on the causes of asthma.

“Is it reform,” Paterson asked, “or is it the disguise of reform when it’s really a political concern? And I would suggest people be very careful about offering resources that are monetary in exchange for support.”

Paterson’s Warning of G.O.P. Politics in ‘Disguise’