Press of Atlantic City cuts 15 jobs

The Press of Atlantic City has announced the elimination of fifteen positions, including five layoffs, according to a memo sent out yesterday by publisher Keith Dawn:

November 5, 2008


FROM: Keith Dawn

As you all know, we are operating in very challenging and uncertain times. Facts are facts, and unpleasant facts are no less real.

Like most businesses – and all media companies – we must adjust to a bleak economic forecast, and a stressful business reality.

In order to assure that The Press Media Group will maintain a strong position until the economy stabilizes, we must make some tough and unpleasant decisions. Most notably: we are eliminating 15 positions within the company. Five people were laid off today, three full time positions were converted to part time and nine open positions will not be filled.

Given the potential for an extended recession, we firmly believe that what we are doing is necessary to ensure the viable, long-term future for a company that is an important community resource with a long and proud history.

We will continue to pursue partnership opportunities and additional expense savings.
Please do your part in getting your suggestions to your department head. We’re all in this together.

Thank you.


Press of Atlantic City cuts 15 jobs