Recent Divorcees with Hefty Settlements To Save New York Real Estate

You know what’s still really expensive, even in a shaky economy? Divorce. And it’s got to be galling for wealthy men to see their ex-wives immediately spending part of their settlement on a flashy new pad–often a second home she doesn’t necessarily need–indicating just how well she made out.

Laura Andrassy, the ex-wife of professional golfer Greg Norman, recently received a $100 million-plus divorce settlement. The divorce was finalized earlier this year and today the Wall Street Journal reported that Ms. Andrassy has gone into contract on a $7.55 million estate on Southampton’s Wyandanch Lane. The 0.92-acre property is near the ocean, has an outdoor pool, and a 3,500-square-foot house Ms. Andrassy plans to tear down. Sure, Mr. Norman may have remarried recently–he married former tennis star Chris Evert in June–but Ms. Andrassy has a brand new summer home to show off. 

Meanwhile, earlier this week, The Observer‘s Max Abelson reported that Bella Sapir, the ex-wife of billionaire Tamir Sapir, has closed on a $8,895,000 penthouse at the new Veneto luxury building on East 53rd Street. The 4,511-square-foot apartment has an outdoor space of 1,095 square feet and is Ms. Sapir’s second home; she also owns a place at the Park Imperial on West 56th Street. 

And then of course there is the much criticized Heather Mills, who has angered Paul McCartney fans with the $50 million divorce settlement that she took to the States and used to buy a $5 million condo in Richard Meier‘s glass tower at 173 Perry Street, the New York Post reported in June. Ms. Mills, who already has a residence in Sussex, England, chose a condo with views of the Hudson, two bedrooms, two baths, two balconies and private elevator landing. (Other occupants in the building have included Calvin Klein, Nicole Kidman, and Martha Stewart.) 

This is all very encouraging, really. After all, even as the real estate market collapses, there will always be divorces, and therefore angry ex-wives eager to spend their settlements on amazing New York real estate.



Recent Divorcees with Hefty Settlements To Save New York Real Estate