Rone Campaign backed by Sharif, who laughes off suggestion she’s a Booker mole

NEWARK – The man Mayor Cory Booker calls his political sensei came out of the South Ward today and made a statement.

Power broker Carl Sharif laughed off the suggestion that because he’s funding Mary Rone’s Central Ward Council campaign, it means Rone is doing nothing more than toiling as a mole for Sharif’s old ally and political acolyte, Booker.

The argument on the street is that Rone’s campaigning in those areas or at least among those populations where Booker antagonist Charles Bell is strong, in order to divide the vote and enable Osborne to win.

Shariff insists he’s pro-Rone, or as he puts it – “alone with Rone,” and wants her to win – believes she can win.

“I support her and I have from the beginning,” said Sharif. “Look, I have nine granddaughters. How could I not support a woman candidate? This is a principled position. You’d rather lose with some people than win with others.

“This is one of those times when the mayor and I are not together,” he added.

Still tight with the mayor, he said, Sharif didn’t want anyone to read into his support for Rone, which is why he stayed low until today, he said.

“I didn’t want Sharif-Booker to become an issue,” Sharif explained

“I’m offering my creative abilities and I am making a contribution – as much as I can for an unemployed senior,” he added.

Former Councilwoman Dana Rone, who supports her mother for the city council seat Dana Rone vacated, said the Rone women are working not to spoil – but to get Mary Rone elected.

Rone Campaign backed by Sharif, who laughes off suggestion she’s a Booker mole