Sanders Released From Intensive Care

The wife of City Councilman James Sanders of Queens declined to say whether her husband can walk at the moment, or when he’s expected to return to work after he was hospitalized following a major car accident on Saturday,

“He came out of the intensive care unit today,” said Sanders’ wife, Andrea in a brief telephone interview this afternoon. “I expect a full recovery.”

Sanders is being treated at New York Presbyterian Hospital, she said. 

“By the grace of God I am alive today,” said the Councilman in a public statement released by his office this afternoon, the first time it has made public any details of the accident.

According to the statement, “a sudden down pour of rain caused a vehicle carrying City Councilman James Sanders Jr., and two others to crash, and roll over several times.” The incident, according to the statement, occurred “near Newburgh.“

The men were on their way back from a trip to help set up a youth retreat in Pennsylvania.

Andrea Sanders said her husband and two passengers in the car that afternoon were treated in St. Lukes Hospital, near Newburgh.

The two other passengers were identified as Community Board District Manager Donovan Richards and friend Mike Duvall, who were treated for injuries and released.

Sanders Released From Intensive Care