Strokes to Start ‘Noodling’

With three-fifths of the Strokes involved in various side projects with various degrees of success, we wondered if the boys would ever end the hiatus that followed 2006’s First Impressions of Earth. (Whether anyone would even care is, of course, another question all together.) Well, according to drummer Fabrizio Moretti, a reunion of sorts may be on the horizon. On the eve of Fab’s tour with his new (and surprisingly good) band, Little Joy, Morretti told that he and the remaining Strokettes have “plans of meeting up all of us together in February (to) kind of start noodling around and stuff.” And yes, the Strokes are still “all pals.”

Still, “noodling” doesn’t sound like a particularly ebullient description for any band’s future plans, particularly one facing a decidedly ambivalent (if not hostile) public. Plus, at least for Moretti, the Strokes’ side projects may be more than just a way to pass the time until the next record. “I think this is not a side project,” Fab admitted, referring to Little Joy (a collaboration between girlfriend Binki Shapiro and Rodrigo Amarante, of Brazil’s Los Hermanos.) “It’s really a band that evolved into an honest kind of three-part beast, I guess you can say. And I would like to continue with it, even when I go back to the Strokes.”

Little Joy’s November 13th show at the Mercury Lounge is sold out, though there are still tickets available for their show the next day at Maxwell’s in Hoboken. Strokes to Start ‘Noodling’