Helps Its Readers Navigate the Recession

At this point, we understand that every fashion-related publication is now obligated to pay lip service to the idea of recession chic; that being said, flauting affordability is understandably difficult in an industry used to fetishsizing luxury. 

Take, for example, Recessionista, sparkly‘s "new regular feature in which [the editors] inform you how to be cheaply chic and chicly cheap." Sounds good! Of course, it’s hard to appreciate the sentiment when the effort seems so lackluster. 

Maybe it’s too soon to judge, given that they’ve only done one post so far (and it was unbylined), but do the editors really think their readers are interested in foldable plastic vases? Particularly when the item is sandwiched between an account of a Roksanda fashion show at London’s Victoria and Albert Museum and a "postcard" from the star-clogged opening of Dubai’s $1.5 billion Atlantis Hotel? 

"The Hope Forever Blossoming vases add a Pop art touch to any surface," the writer insists. "And at $12 each you can afford to mix and match." 

Sure, you can afford it, but do you even want to? Sites like are supposed to be aspirational. We doubt the majority of their readers were running out to buy $850 satin Ferragamo sandals before the recession hit, anyway, so why spoil the fun of oogling their impossible suggestions with the reminder that that all of one’s Christmas dresses will come from H&M this year (assuming there are any Christmas parties to attend)? Helps Its Readers Navigate the Recession