The (Big) Round-Up: Monday

Feds approve multi-billion-dollar bailout for Citigroup. [WSJ]

Obama hopes to have an aggressive $500 billion stimulus package ready to sign by Inauguration Day. [WSJ]

The X28 running from East 57th Street to Coney Island—just another bus slated for the chopping block should MTA’s budget be approved. [NY Times]

The galleria—or the east-west passageway between the World Trade Center Transportation Hub and Battery Park City—offers a stunning, sun-bathed preview of Calatrava’s transport hub. [NY Times]

Comptroller William Thompson proposes a new plan to significantly raise automobile registration fees in order to ease MTA’s budget troubles. [NY Times]

A life without an elevator nine stories above the Upper West Side. [NY Times]

At $65 million, Gerhard Andlinger’s Time Warner Center apartment is the priciest in a Manhattan real estate market battered by Wall Street. [NY Times]

A community coalition proposes that the entirety of West End Avenue, from 70th to 107th Street, be designated a historic district. [NY Times]

Hoping to avoid further losses, lenders are demanding more thorough home appraisals than ever before. [NY Times]

Manhattan sees major apartment sales declines, even as inventories rise. [NY Times]

For New Jersey developers unsure whether or not to go the rental route with a struggling building, 75 is the magic number, as in 75 percent of apartments sold. [NY Times]

With a stagnant economy, Long Island’s “teardown game” comes to an end… [NY Times]

…As do many residents’ home-renovation plans. [NY Times]

A crime-ridden Hampstead hotel to be razed to make way for apartments geared toward young commuters. [NY Times]

NYC is about to unveil its newly-redesigned Washington Square Park, but long-time opponents of the renovations are still bitter. [NY Times]

Williamsburg is transformed once again as more Western Europeans settle into a neighborhood that reminds them of home. [NY Times]

Tino Hernandez—the chairman of NYC’s Housing Authority since 2001—steps down. [NY Times]

The United Nations prepares for its five-year, $2 billion renovation. [NY Times]

A controversial Astoria shelter serving gay and transgender youth may be forced to shutter due to declining donations. [NYDN]

These are tough times for NYC’s day laborers, but Obama’s win is convincing some to stay in the U.S. [NYDN]

A new competitive process to decide which of the city’s 327 senior centers gets to “modernize,” may force others to close down. [NYDN]

One woman’s two-year journey to a $400,000 apartment. [NYDN]

The Closer: Two lucky beagles score a $6,000 doghouse designed to look like Greenwich Village’s One Jackson Square. [NYDN]

Roaches and rats infest East New York busses. [NYDN]

Queens man organizing a June 9 boycott of all MTA subways and busses. [NYDN]

Three-alarm fire ravages Astoria commercial building. [NYDN]

NYC celebrities including Ralph Lauren and Ira Rennert forced to pay back massive tax debts as Albany moves to close its budget deficit. [NY Post]

SLA chair Daniel Boyle accuses Paterson aide of trying to “intimidate” him into supporting renewed liquor licenses for restaurants owned by the Ciprianis after the family pleaded guilty to tax evasion. [NY Post]

Citigroup’s rapidly falling stock puts its $20 million naming-rights deal for the Mets’ new stadium in jeopardy. [NY Post]

The (Big) Round-Up: Monday