The Round-Up: Friday

What goes best with a tour of multi-million-dollar Tribeca condos? Wine and bourbon, of course. [NY Times]

An interview with James V. Samuelson, New Jersey Transit’s deputy general manager for safety and training. [NY Times]

In an effort to show off her independence from the mayor, City Council Speaker Christine Quinn harshly criticizes Bloomberg’s plans to overhaul the city’s senior centers and withhold $400 tax rebates from homeowners. [NY Times]

A new cabin culture offers the same coziness but in eco-friendly buildings or ones that embrace new materials like mesh and oxidized steel. [NY Times]

With its natural beauty and progressive atmosphere, Ithaca makes a perfect second-home destination, particularly for Cornell alums. [NY Times]

Second-home security systems get smarter and cheaper. [NY Times]

Plans to build a museum at the site of a Brooklyn house believed to have been a stop on the Underground Railroad are in serious jeopardy. [NYDN]

A Queens woman is incredulous that President Bush would travel to Wall Street to address the financial debacle, when her own neighborhood—Linden Boulevard near 146th Street—is ground zero for the city’s mortgage crisis. [NYDN]

City sanitation workers honored with awards for their acts of bravery. [NYDN]

Paterson’s proposal to raise CUNY’s tuition to help with the state’s budget gap may leave many struggling students out in the cold. [NY Post]

Blue Man Group open elementary School in the East Village. [NY Post]

Attorney General Cuomo subpoenas Bank of America—which receives billions of dollars through the federal government’s Troubled Asset Relief Program—demanding information on the bonuses of top executives. [NY Post]

Department of Housing and Urban Development announces new rules to ensure homebuyers are more informed mortgage shoppers. [WSJ]

Citibank to lay off 10,000 workers and raise interest rates on its credit cards as it deals with last year’s $20 billion in losses. [WSJ]

The Round-Up: Friday