The Round-Up: Tuesday

Budget officials acknowledge that Bloomberg can’t deny New Yorkers their $400 homeowners’ rebate without City Council approval, nor can he charge 6 cents for plastic bags without Albany’s consent. [NY Times]

The first arrest is made in the ongoing LIRR disability scandal, as a former LIRR pension manager is charged with taking money to help employees get disability payments. [NY Times]

Even after a concerted push by the MTA to improve cleanliness and reliability on the 7 and L lines, riders surveyed still only gave them a C—the same grade MTA got last year. [NY Times]

In a surprise move, state Republicans decide to vote on Paterson’s budget-reduction plan today. [NY Times]

A shoot-out at a Brooklyn variety store leaves two customers dead and the owner in critical condition. [NY Times]

MTA to eliminate the W and Z lines and cut 1,500 jobs. [NYDN]

A new Health Department website tracks the spread of rats throughout the city. [NYDN]

According to the Health Department’s Rat Information Portal, Williamsburg and Greenpoint have more rats than south and central Brooklyn, while Bushwick and Bed-Stuy have the most of all. [NYDN]

Comptroller William Thompson and Councilman David Yassky file a lawsuit claiming the city’s housing of inmates at Brooklyn’s empty House of Detention is part of a plot to reopen and expand the center without environmental review. [NDYN]

Native American tribes livid that they were not notified of the city’s plan to replace the Kosciuszko Bridge. [NYDN]

City selling a shuttered firehouse in Averne for just $1 to any arts organization willing to foot the bill for repairs. [NYDN]

Local residents furious that a Jamaica Bay beach has became a site for animal sacrifices. [NYDN]

City claims a lawsuit filed against it for failing to offer a long-time plan to protect students at Mott Haven Schools Complex from toxins at the site before construction began, was all the result of a big misunderstanding. [NYDN]

Mott Haven residents infuriated about a putrid stretch of standing water, or what they call the “Bronx Swamp.” [NYDN]

Realty Check: All that talk from Donald Trump about a glut of office space in Manhattan… don’t believe it. [NY Post]

In order to save costs, MTA plans to help disabled riders with more “in-house” services. [NY Post]

The Round-Up: Tuesday