The Week in DVR: Dreamy Dreyfuss, Chappelle’s Show, Opening Night

Monday: Inside the Actor’s Studio

Like most everyone else, we’re iffy on James Lipton, who hosts Inside the Actor’s Studio. Or maybe we’re just jealous, because he has the best job in the world. Either way, we’ll be recording tonight when he talks to comedian Dave Chappelle for the show’s 200th episode.  Or rather, Mr. Chappelle talks to Mr. Lipton. In celebration of the big anniversary, the tables will turn for the night, with hosted being hosted. Count on loads of best off clips, and copious cackles from our favorite comedian. [Bravo, 8 p.m.]

Tuesday: Opening Night

Two years ago, we caught a screening of Opening Night at BAM that also featured a short talk with Gena Rowlands, who stars in the film and was married to its director, John Cassavetes. Ms. Rowlands , who is 78 now, talked a lot about what it was like to work with her late husband, the intimacy and magic and emotion that came with his directing her. This might be their most stunning collaboration. Ms. Rowlands plays Myrtle, an aging stage actress who has an emotional breakdown after a fan dies trying to see her. Mr. Cassavetes is her on-stage co-star . There’s all kinds of wall-breaking and play within a play kind of stuff, but it’s Ms. Rowland’s devastating performance that will stick with you. [Sundance, 7 a.m.]

Wednesday: Coupling

We’re pretty much suckers for British television: Doctor Who, Gavin & Stacey and Skins (which we never get to write about because it airs on Sunday night) are all regulars on our DVR. But our obsession began with Coupling, a sort of London-based Friends , but without the excessive goof and with a lot more sexy stuff. Jack Davenport (who recently came across the pond for Swingtown) stars. [BBC America, 1 a.m.]

Thursday: Close Encounters of the Third Kind

It’s hard to believe that at one point not so very long ago, Richard Dreyfuss (yes, Oliver Stone’s Dick Cheney) was sort of a sex symbol. He was never more lovable (and dare we say hot, in the 70s way) than in Close Encounters, Steven Spielberg’s 1977 movie about alien/human contact. Dreyfuss is the believer, possessed by thoughts and dreams of UFOs. Teri Garr is his exasperated wife. And Francois Truffaut is the sympathetic scientist  trying to understand  what’s going on. This movie never gets old. [AMC, 8 p.m.]

Friday: Degrassi :The Next Generation

When we were teenagers, we’d sneak down to the rec room each Saturday to watch Degrassi Junior High, which aired on our local PBS affiliate. The show wasn’t super sexy a la Gossip Girl, but the Canadian teen drama addressed so many hot-button issues-sex, abuse, drugs, depression-in such an unflinching way that we couldn’t bear to watch it with our parents. Now, we’re old, but we still DVR the ‘new’ (in its 8th season) incarnation each week. The faces have changed, but the willingness to “go there,” as teen network The N puts it, hasn’t. [The N, 8 p.m.]

The Week in DVR: Dreamy Dreyfuss, Chappelle’s Show, Opening Night