Tom Cruise Pays Tribute to His Friend Ben Stiller (And Their Kids Have Playdates!)

Ben Stiller and Christine Taylor‘s little girl, Ella, has a friend in Hollywood: Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes daughter Suri. Last evening outside of Cipriani 42nd Street, where Mr. Stiller was being honored by the Museum of the Moving Image, Ms. Taylor told us that Ella and Suri have had a couple of playdates. (Now that Ms. Holmes is in town performing in All My Sons, she and Suri have been spotted around New York.)

"And it’s like any other play date," said Ms. Taylor, who was wearing a long black Carolina Herrera dress. "I mean [Suri’s] amazing and [Tom and Katie] are terrific. And when little kids get together you just let them do their thing, there’s no outside elements. Ella likes being the older sister—and we haven’t had many [play-dates] but whoever’s children that they’re playing with, it’s always a great thing to see your kids connecting."

Inside, Mr. Stiller’s first congratulations actually came via video from Mr. Cruise, who appeared in Mr. Stiller’s Tropic of Thunder wearing a fat suit. Mr. Cruise said he found working with Mr. Stiller to have been "both an inspiration and enlightening." He also "wanted to tell the room that I am one of, if not your biggest, fans."

Other presenters besides Mr. Cruise included recent co-stars Jack Black, from Tropic of Thunder; Bill Hader and Amy Adams, from Night at the Museum 2; and Robert De Niro from Meet the Fockers. Then: Sean Combs, Will Arnett, Mike Myers, and Triumph the Insult Comic Dog.

The presenters soon began roasting Mr. Stiller. Mr. De Niro threw a jab about the volleyball scene from Meet The Parents: "So, Ben comes out and you expect to see a shlubby body and instead he comes out and is totally buff. Ben, being the terrific actor that he is, overcomes this contradiction by having a really tiny dick. And thanks to the tiny bathing suit, it’s apparent to everyone!"

Mr. Black spoke about his "laser vision," and Triumph the Insult Comic Dog brought the Cruise theme back, unearthing a clip from The Ben Stiller Show of Mr. Stiller doing an impression of what Tom Cruise would look like "on Broadway."

"He is so successful," Triumph said, ruminating on the event’s expenses in relationship to the economy. "One little baby fart of your Madagascar money and we could all be home watching Top Chef."

Mr. Stiller shot back at Triumph during his speech: "I also want to thank whoever got Triumph the Insult Comic Dog—best kind of comedian, the kind that hides behind a podium."

Tom Cruise Pays Tribute to His Friend Ben Stiller (And Their Kids Have Playdates!)