Wednesday, November 26

Feeling like a turkey because you’re going broke and somehow you just don’t care anymore and your shrink keeps telling you some crap about whenever one door closes another one opens? Two choices today, possums: Endure enervating hours of travel in close proximity to pie-bearing New Yorkers or stop by Vanity Fair photographer Mark Seliger’s 401 Projects Gallery in the West Village for an exhibit, “A Procession of Them: The Plight of the Mentally Disabled,” featuring photographs by former Life and National Geographic photographer Eugene Richards of forgotten subjects in mental institutions in Mexico, Argentina, Armenia, Hungary, Paraguay and Kosovo. Suddenly yams with Aunt Agnes doesn’t sound so bad, now, does it?

[A Procession of Them: The Plight of the Mentally Disabled, 401 Projects, 401 West Street,] Wednesday, November 26