Weekend in Review: Pre-Election Edition!!

A Washington Post analysis of the presidential race puts Barack Obama and Democratic down-ballot candidates in a very good position.

The Socialist Party's presidential nominee says Obama is definitely a capitalist, "in the bad sense."

A half-aunt of Obama's turns out to be living in Boston in public housing, although she was supposed to go back to Kenya months ago. Obama says he will return her donation.

If he wins, Obama could have a profound impact on the courts, partly because he himself is qualified to sit on the Supreme Court.

Sarah Palin was pranked by French Canadians.

She may have also suggested we're at war with Iran.

George Will lingers over the prospect of a Democratic sweep, and its historical significance.

John Boehner has fighting words for Obama.

Geraldine Ferraro endorsed Obama.

In the Post, Newt Gingrich cites judges, unions and Sarah Palin's potential as reasons to vote for McCain.

The Times looks at the candidates' opposition to gay marriage.

As if she'd never done it before, Hillary Clinton makes the argument for Obama, this time in a Daily News op-ed.

A regional manager for the McCain campaign in Florida tells Benjamin Sarlin that he suspects Obama isn't a citizen.

The Wall Street Journal interviews Palin.

The head of the city Board of Elections has been ducking Bloomberg aides who want to meet with him.

One October surprise: the Buffalo News reports that Republican congressional candidate Chris Lee was once fired from a job for breaking into the computer system and raising customers' credit limits.

David Paterson, stumping for Obama in New Jersey, turns the whole wealth-redistribution thing around on John McCain.


Jeremy Peters sounds skeptical of Paterson's transformation into a fiscal conservative.

The board of the city's pension fund voted in secret on September 23 to invest in a "dangerous" hedge fund, the Post reports.

On the order of a federal judge, Alice Kryzan will not, after all, get to be on the W.F.P. ballot line, although earlier a state judge said she should be.

Malcolm Smith promises big changes if Democrats win control of the State Senate.

State Senate Republicans will do almost anything to prevent that.

Paterson says he's campaigning for State Senate Democrats because Republicans attacked him.

State politics will be decided by suburban voters, writes Lawrence Levy, who also provides a vivid description of what will happen if the State Senate is split.

The way Paterson's aides have been using credit cards is raising eyebrows.

The popular mayor of Rochester is staying out of the local State Senate race between Rick Dollinger and Joe Robach.

New York Shitty loves Nydia Velazquez.

Tom Goliano is busy, busy.

A local Republican blogger has lost respect for Golisano, and blames Steve Pigeon.

Ralph Nader is off the rails. Weekend in Review: Pre-Election Edition!!